The sweet science Of boxing taught in a fun and engaging manner. Train and get fit while learning world class technique from elite martial artists. Wether its your first day lacing up or you’re a seasoned Pro, this class will challenge you and help you reach your goals!


It can be argued that boxing is the most important striking art for combat. This is mainly based on the overall coordination and
body awareness possessed by us as human beings. We do everything with our hands. We eat with our hands, write with our
hands, open doors, paint, text, steer vehicles the list goes on and on. All of these are very detail-oriented meaning they require a
high level of coordination, range of motion, and dexterity. The day to day use of our legs however, requires a much more limited
range of motion, coordination and dexterity. This is easily demonstrated as things that are incredibly easy with our arms are
almost impossible for untrained people to do using their legs. Try opening a cupboard door for instance, it’s really difficult! Of
course, it’s difficult to use your toes like fingers but that’s not the point Trying to even get your leg into the positions necessary to
accomplish this makes it quite evident that its highly difficult There are some exceptions to these rules of course but as they
say “the exception proves the rule”. Boxing is the most important because its mastery of our most coordinated appendages, the
arms and hands.


It is also pretty safe to say that efficiency (the energetic cost of a given technique) is of the utmost importance. Everyone has a limit on how much energy their body has available to them and once that limit is reached its game over. It doesn’t matter if you know the right technique to get you out of whatever situation you’re in. If you don’t have the energy or the “gas” to get yourself out you’re done. Therefore, each effort that does not achieve its goals, each strike that does not hit its target is one step closer to a loss. A loss in a sport like basketball, soccer or even hockey isn’t the end of the world; one team got more pucks in the net, balls in the net etc. In the game of boxing however, that loss could mean severe brain damage, reconstructive facial surgery and in the worst cases even death. In self-defense situations this is even more true! We, at Tristar Gym Vancouver believe in the way of the peaceful warrior and do not condone the use of force unless there is a definite threat to your health and wellbeing. Now if a threat like that exists and you are not able to get away or avoid the situation then you will find yourself in a fight In a fight that, if you lose you will most certainly be severely injured and possibly dead. In boxing and in combat winning is akin to survival while losing is equal to death If running out of energy is loss and loss is death then it’s not an overstatement to refer to efficiency as one of the most important aspects of boxing. Every strike that misses its target is wasted energy. This does not mean that every punch you throw needs to make contact with your opponent. Each strike should be thrown with a specific purpose or goal in mind which, if it is not reached, the energy required to perform that strike was a waste. A very large determining factor of the strike achieving its goal is coordination. Of course, there a number of other factors that play a part; distance, timing, rhythm as well as physical attributes like speed and durability. Efficiency is where we see the true purpose of martial arts at work. It is the aspect of boxing that allows a seasoned, more experienced, smaller boxer to defeat a larger, faster, stronger but less skilled opponent.


He who controls the distance controls the fight. He who controls the fight usually wins the fight. Distance is a key component Of efficiency in boxing, often being the sole deciding factor in a victory Or defeat. As Vancouver boxing legend Tony Pep used to say “Taking a step back defends everything!”. Now, Tony Pep stands 6’1” and in his prime fought at 130 lbs so one can understand why he may want to fight at a long distance. Long boxers need to fight at long range in order to maximize the strength and effectiveness of their punches. This oftentimes requires them to move backwards. Shorter, stockier boxers however like Vancouver’s Conal Mcphee, need to cover ground and close distance in order to get inside on taller opponents where their shorter arms can be more effective. Distance is key in order to implement your own strategy and make use of your specific body type. In the classical matchup of a stocky boxer versus a long and lean boxer they both have opposing goals while attempting to control the same thing, distance. Interestingly enough, it is not the boxer who moves backward or forward the best that achieves their goal in this exchange but the boxer who moves best laterally. If we move backward for too long, we hit a wall. If we move straight forward, our opponent can continually circle away. A backward moving opponent must also move laterally from one side to the other in order to continue to have space to move into. A forward moving opponent must also move laterally in order to “cut the opponent off” by moving to where they are going and not to where they are now. He who controls the distance controls the fight and he who moves laterally the best controls the distance.


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Milos TheDeadlyWhiteBelt
Milos TheDeadlyWhiteBelt
08:01 27 Jul 19
My little nephew was a very timid and shy kid before he took his first class at Tristar. Months went in and he fell in love with the training and all the fun he was having . He’s been more vibrant and more confident then when he started and He can’t say enough good things about Kajan and the rest of the team .#KidsMMA #Bullyproof #BJJ
afshin kt
afshin kt
19:56 25 Jul 19
If you are interested in martial art come to this place, been going to many gyms but this one is amazing and I highly recommend it for every level. Very humble coaches and high level students. Over all for all the programs that they offer, they are number one 👆. Being able to train and roll with Kajan is different thing tho, 2 months in feels like I know them for ages and learned so many things specially Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Just give it a shot
sam ramsay
sam ramsay
19:31 24 Jul 19
Awesome for Kickboxing, Ju-jitsu, Wrestling, grappling and striking
S Basi
S Basi
03:16 06 Jul 19
Kajan is an awesome instructor I can already see a difference in my son in the short time we've been there.
Brian Fong
Brian Fong
06:11 08 Jun 19
I have been training kickboxing at Tristar Vancouver and it has been great. Trained at a few places before but love Tristar emphasis on good technique. Will be joining the jiu jitsu and wrestling classes as well in the future.
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