A fun, high energy program that incorporates dynamic kicking and circuit training into a combination that is both challenging and engaging. Whether you are a fighter wanting better endurance, or just someone trying to get fit and have fun, this is the program for you!
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Open to all levels of experience, MMA ('mixed martial arts') is the class where you learn to put it all together. This class will address grappling and striking in every distance and position encountered in mixed martial arts competition. Although it is structured for competition, it is also a great workout and teaches techniques that apply to many different self defense situations.
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The sweet science of boxing taught in a fun and informative manner. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, safety and intelligent practice. Our program combines shadow boxing, skipping, pad work and drilling to not only give a challenging and fun workout, but to teach great technical skills and develop fighters.
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Open to all experience levels, this program teaches the principles of striking in a fun and energetic atmosphere. With our decades of experience in martial arts we have developed a system that incorporates techniques from many different art forms including boxing, muay thai, tae kwon do and karate. No matter what your experience level this class will be both challenging and entertaining!


Another class open to all experience levels, this is a great class to get your feet wet with competition. Learn some new techniques and then gear up and put in some rounds of controlled sparring with our Tristar family!
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Open to all experience levels, this program is a realistic approach to jiu jitsu. We use a system that is useful not only for sport jiu jitsu, but for MMA and self defense as well. All possible distances and positions are addressed including but not limited to clinch, wall or cage wrestling, advanced guard and leg entanglement systems, as well as ground striking, and ground striking defense. At Tristar we believe that our jiu jitsu should be universal, in that it should work in every single type of situation that applies to martial arts. Come on down and engage your brain!
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Junior / Tiny Tristars

Who wants to be a Tristar?! This is a program that is very dear to our hearts. Kids are our future and this program was created in order to help them become the champion of their own world. A mix of our Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing programs, Tiny Tristars will give them a well rounded knowledge of martial arts that is applicable to both self defense and competition. In addition to the physical aspects of development, we also focus on the development of self belief, discipline, intuition, honesty, inner strength and respect.
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An invite only class, sparring is the class in which our professional and amateur fighters can practice their distance and timing in live, controlled combat. Controlled amateur and professional fighters only please.
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This is an invite only, drilling intensive class where high level amateur and professional martial artists can work together to increase their knowledge of all areas of combat. In this class every day of the week will focus on a different situation, addressing Jiu jitsu, clinch, striking, ground striking, takedowns and takedown defense. It is open to ALL FIGHTERS from ANYWHERE and FREE OF CHARGE!


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