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Kajan Johnson grew up in Burns Lake BC on the traditional land of the Ts'il Kaz Koh First Nation. A somewhat troubled youth, he made the move to Prince George to live with his father after being expelled from the only high school in the district. It was here in Prince George that he discovered martial arts. Kajan began to work with coach Bill Mahood out of PG Fight club as a high school senior and after just two months of training decided to begin fighting professionally. He fought out of PrinceGeorge for 4 years before deciding to make the move to Vancouver in order to seek out world class level coaching and knowledge.

After moving to Vancouver Kajan established himself at the invite only professional training facility, Revolution's Fortress. Finally having access to elite level training Kajan thrived, going on a 6 fight win streak that culminated in winning the XMMA lightweight world title.

Always seeking elite instruction, Kajan decided his next move would be to Montreal to live and train at the famed Tristar Gym Montreal under Firas Zahabi, coach of UFC champion GSP (George St. Pierre). Living in Tristar Dorms and Training at Tristar gym, Kajan immersed himself in knowledge. After 2 years he was accepted to compete in the UFC's tournament, The Ultimate Fighter Nations Canada vs Australia. He did extremely well which lead to the UFC signing him to a contract after the tournaments completion.

Kajan's first UFC fight was a back and forth war which, although he lost, earned him Fight Of The Night honours and most importantly taught him great lessons. With these lessons, Kajan began to, for the first time, develop his own fighting system. The system encompasses and addresses all distances and positions that are possible in mixed martial arts. It is both defensively and offensively sound and uses a wide range of techniques from many different art forms. Since developing and utilising this system Kajan is undefeated in the octagon and is gaining momentum to make a run for the UFC Lightweight world title.


Rochelle was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and began her gymnastics career at the very early age of 2. When Rochelle was 7 yrs old, both her parents decided to uproot the family and move to Leeds, England, where her father finished his PhD at Cambridge and Oxford University.

Rochelle continued her gymnastics career and at the age of 9, became a member of and competed internationally for the Great Britain Gymnastics Team. In 1996, Rochelle became the Great Britain National Gymnastics Champion and retained the title for 3 consecutive years.

Rochelle was also nominated and awarded 'The Top Sports Person in England under the age of 13 category,' for 2 consecutive years. At the age of 14, BBC produced and aired a one hour documentary called 'Going for Gold,' focusing primarily on her goals of competing in the 2000 Olympics. Unfortunately, her dreams fell short when the International Gymnastics Federation (FGI) announced that a competitor must now be 16 years of age to compete in the Olympics. Rochelle was turning 15, and sadly, was one year shy of being eligible to qualify.

With the Olympics another 4 years out of reach, her family decided the best thing to do was pack it in and return to Canada, in the hopes that Rochelle would continue her career on the Canadian team. She, however had other plans. Rochelle, resigned from gymnastics, focused on her studies and graduated from Terry Fox High School a year early at the age of 16.

In 2006 and only 20 yrs old, she graduated with a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Northern British Columbia. She worked in her field for 2 years, counselling and working one-on-one with children with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses and behavioural problems. Although a very rewarding job, she did not feel completely fulfilled. She decided it was time to return to the world of sports.

Rochelle started training and competing in Amateur and Professional Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. She had her first amateur boxing fight after 6 months of training and made the decision with her coach, Tony Pep to go pro after only 1 year. She made her pro debut in 2008 at the Red Robinson Show Theatre in Coquitlam, BC, where she won by unanimous decision and went down in history along side opponent, Priscilla Trampowsky as the first professional female boxers to have fought in BC.

On the pursuit of helping others achieve their fitness goals, Rochelle also attained her personal training degree and started coaching, personal training and running fitness boot camps.

After embarking on all of her athletic endeavors and education, Rochelle made a guided decision to jump full force into the film industry. Using all of her talents and skills acquired along the way, she now has a very successful career in the spot light as one of the industries, top stunt woman and accelerating her career as an actress working along side some of Hollywood's biggest names. She is also a motivational speaker and delivered a powerful and successful Tedx Talk in 2018. 

Rochelle is a Best Selling Author and teaches others in her books and talks that through deep introspection and self-love we are all capable of becoming the best versions of ourselves. Rochelle’s best selling book, With Every Damn Brick can be purchased on Amazon. The link is below. You can follow Rochelle on her journey and keep up to date at

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